July 20 7.30 pm

Luke Jones, piano

“Luke Jones allows the listener to take his prodigious technique for granted, he plunges straight to the intellectual and emotional heart of the music. The consequences are thrilling and fulfilling!”

– Leslie Howard, Concert Pianist, Composer, Musicologist

Mozart                                 Sonata in B flat, K281

Beethoven                          Sonata in C, Op.53 “Waldstein

Bach-Rachmaninov           Suite in E (Prelude, Gavotte and Gigue)

Ravel                                    Sonatine

Rachmaninov                     Sonata No 2, Op. 36

When Luke stepped in at very short notice  to perform with Trio Volant  at our concert last  July we were so impressed with his  musicality and ability to connect with his listeners that  we invited him back for a full concert.

In his own words:

To me music and Art has the capacity to touch upon human experiences in a way that goes beyond language, it is the emotional and intellectual experience that is coded within the notes that communicates directly to the listener. This is my aim as an artist, to transport the listener through the act of performing and communicate my inner creative life through sound.


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