Autumn events

We are  continuing the search for new and enjoyable  ways of developing knowledge and appreciation of music in our series of autumn events in the wonderful ambience of Bridge Cottage.


September 28   “Meet the Clarinet Family” Nicholas Carpenter, principal clarinet with the BBC concert orchestra, will give a lecture-recital  demonstrating his passionate attachment to  the many  different sizes and forms that this woodwind family come in.


October  19 “The Spark of Creation!” How does classical music come into being? Local composers Julian Broughton and Club president Martin Butler will give an insight into the mysteries of the  creation of classical music.


November 16  “Pastyme with Goode Companye: Music from the Court of Henry VIII.” Early Music band Faronel present a programme of instrumental and vocal music  featuring a wide variety of Renaissance instruments. Bridge Cottage will provide the perfect setting.  Good company, some victuals and our Annual General Meeting. Don’t miss it!

For “Meet the Clarinet Family”

For “The Spark of Creation”

For “Pastyme with Goode Companye”